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Guitar Teaching/Music Advocacy.


Dominic Carlton Jones is a music practitioner with over 20 years experience.


A unique approach to guitar teaching based around improvisation and playing together/A service that helps the budding musician in presentation and production skills.Basic cubase and vocal techniques.


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My approach to Guitar Teaching


I am a songwriter who performs his own music in venues around Manchester with the band The Beautiful Distractions and have been a guitar player for 20 years. 

As well as learning the basics of guitar playing I will give you the chance to develop your own creativity.A unique approach.


I like to take students from scratch and develop essentials.Good technique and co-ordination, chord construction, piecing chords together and to work on all aspects in a particular key which by and large you can transport into any key such as rhythm techniques, scales, other chord shapings, touch and techniques on how to improve.Other styles We will play through will be;Blues,Rockabilly,Reggae,Country,Rock and Folk.This is always developing and I Will lay emphasis on your preferred music.


You will get the chance to play with another musician (i.e. myself) very soon into the lessons so you quickly develop the ability to play with others and learn how to improvise. I have taken two students into gigs so there is that extra incentive.  If you like my own material, even better! 

Recently I played as the guitarist for the world jam band at Trinity church salford supported by Ordsall community arts and provided ambient music at the preview of the lifting the lid exhibition also hosted by Ordsall community Arts.I have also just helped one of my students prepare for an exam which was to lead to a music technology and performance course.As a singer and guitar player in my band I am well versed in the art of performing so will be able to help with this aspect also.By the way,She passed.


If you are a budding musician, in a band? I can help with songwriting,Presentation of your performance and teach you some basic Cubase.As the singer in my band I can also show you vocal and mic techniques As well as the art of being creative. Looking for a basic demo?.I can record vocals,guitar,bass and percussion or if you are a singer/songwriter?. The price for this is 100 and I Will represent your band honestly. .

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Why choose me?


If you are looking for a radical approach to guitar learning based around improvisation and playing together from an accomplished guitar player, then contact me.If looking to combine this with music advocacy then my fees are 25 for the hour.


Current prices


Guitar lessons are 20 per hour and I can travel to you if you prefer.I also offer an introductory scheme of having the first five lessons for 90.




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