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121 Be affected by music.



Dominic Carlton Jones is a music practitioner with over 20 years experience.


An innovative form of being affected by music based around maximum participation in a popular music workshop

.Other strands used are Music Appreciation.Dance and Creativity based around personal experience or the use of various instruments.

Also the increasing use of music apps on smartphones.


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My approach to this strand.


I enjoy using music because it has the power to uplift and transform and to provide a wonderful complement to the core services provided by care-work organisations.


My one-to-one music service grew out of my position as a support worker for people with learning disabilities (I.A.S. (Services) Ltd 2001-2004). 

I began to recognise how music could complement the core services and stimulate / motivate the individual into better emotional places.It also had the effect of providing them with more stability which in turn would feed into other activities. 

 Using the popular music idea I would play songs to the individual and usher in their participation.The client is then free to participate in any way that suits them,i.e via singing,dancing,playing percussion based instruments,listening to gentle guitar music which can stimulate or evoke memories or even participate in the creation of new ideas. I can write music to your thoughts or words so We can engage in creating our own compositions.I now also use percussion and drum rhythms and provide constant beats which the client can use as a guide and stay with the beat or add to it,change it's direction.bring about new rhythms.The important skill here is listening and being able to concentrate.Once through that the client can go on to bring out their own creative ideas and enjoy a live and powerful interraction in music.This approach has the great effect of lifting moods and making that person feel happy.I also now employ a Music appreciation strand where the key skill needed here is concentration but also just to engage the individual in what he or she is listening to.Form a dialogue out of...


"Be affected by music" has the power to transform, to energise and to lift peoples' spirits.Through it you can develop communication skills and self esteem. I have worked with many people on this basis and through that process I have seen how it can help a person grow and give them self-belief. Also how it can help to restore the balance in those affected by mood swings.It can evoke a soothing therapeutic quality and provide a fun hour of light relief.This approach can be invaluable in promoting co-ordination and improving concentration.

I also now widely use apps from the I Phone in creating a music which is powerful and relaxing for the individual taking part.Some of these apps give the individual the opportunity to directly create sound for themselves and so make it even more interactive.

                                      Stories to music is another strand also providing fuel for the imagination.

Different strands include;Music appreciation;Service userrs to give presentations;Relaxing to nature sounds;popular song workshop;Vocal techniques;playing hand chimes and percussion.Be affected by music is an hour spent in creative expression.A feeling of fun and making music together,.

Why choose me?


Because of my experience of working in the care sector, I understand the issues faced by my clients.  Therefore, by providing a safe environment and personal guidance, I am able to bring a positive influence to the individual sessions, making those taking part want to get involved and come back again and again due to the effectiveness of my work. My passion and enthusiasm are infectious.



Current prices


Individual music sessions are usually commissioned by organisations and my fees are between  25 and 35.


"Be affected by music" sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individuals taking part.














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